At TBR, we cannot do everything on our own. We have valued partners who assist us daily in helping our clients and members save money.

We access and utilize established preferred provider organizations (PPOs) to obtain the most effective physician coverage and claims discounts for clients. We have relationships for PPO network access with state, national and wrap networks. Please select the links below for additional information on these partners:

PPO Networks - To find a provider in your network, please click the appropriate link

Utilization Review and Case Management

The cost of healthcare claims has steadily risen during the last several years. To help control the cost of claims we work with precertification (UR) and case management companies, whose certified nurses help us track hospitalizations and other procedures and verify treatment plans for our benefit plan members. Please visit their websites for more information.

Perscription Drugs

Prescription costs are a significant and constantly increasing component of total healthcare costs. To help control these costs, we involve Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) who deliver excellent support and service to our clients. Please click on the links to visit their website(s).