About Us

Our Focus is on Service

Taylor Benefit Resource recognizes the importance of both superlative administration and friendly service. By combining our professional and friendly staff with the latest in advanced data systems, we are able to provide the speed and accuracy of service you need without compromising the personal service you deserve. The company motto says it all: Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Values

Taylor Benefit Resource has four core values that every employee at all levels of the company are expected to demonstrate in everything they do.

  • Reliability: Taylor Benefit Resource is a company built on trust. Our clients have placed their trust in us to provide a key service to their employees on their behalf. They count on us to deliver on the promises they have made to their employees. We will never knowingly violate this trust or fail to deliver on our obligations.
  • Integrity: Taylor Benefit Resource is committed to honesty and transparency in all of its dealings. This commitment encompasses not only our client relationships but with our own employees the community at large. A strong component of integrity is safeguarding the confidentiality of client information and full regulatory eompliance as a licensed third party administrator.
  • Courtesy: Taylor Benefit Resource values an atmosphere of courtesy and respect both internally and externally. Courteous conduct fosters an environment that makes maintaining good relationships and upholding our core values much easier. Customer service is not just a pledge, it is a priority.
  • Excellence: Taylor Benefit Resource will at all times seek to improve our processes and efficiencies, ensuring not only our success as a company, but also safeguarding the highest possible level of service to our customers.